New Vikings Stadium News & Notes – April 4, 2014

New Stadium’s Video Boards will Dwarf Metrodome Versions

Wondering just how big the state-of-the-art, high-definition video boards will be inside the new stadium? Currently the design calls for the west video board to come in at 8,160 square feet (68×120), while the east board will measure in at 4,400 square feet (50×88). Those figures, however, do not include vertical programmable LED boards that will be on either side of each video board and will add another 1,290 square feet to the west board and 750 square feet to the east board.

Now for context, think about this – each of the Metrodome’s two video boards totaled 646 square feet (19×34). That means you could fit nearly 13 of the old boards inside the new stadium’s west video board. And if seeing it writing isn’t good enough, maybe this image will paint a clearer picture.



Construction Update

If you are fortunate to drive past the new stadium construction site on a consistent basis, you’ve likely noticed the drastic changes that are taking shape week-by-week. With each passing day, what little rubble remains from the Metrodome continues to shrink while more of the new structure is assembled on the site’s east side. According to Mortenson Construction, more than 600,000 cubic yards of soil had been removed through March 31, or 71% of the expected 850,000 total cubic yards of soil that will be excavated. The earth retention walls surrounding the excavation continue to be installed, working westward across the north and south sides of the project, and on Monday, elevated concrete floor activities began. As always, you can watch the construction 24/7 on the team’s live stream camera.

Book Your New Stadium Preview Center Tour Now

The New Stadium Preview Center calendar is fully functional for ALL Season Ticket Members to book their future tour of the 7,500 square-foot interactive space. The process continues to move efficiently, with fans in Zone 2 now picking out their seats, so if you haven’t scheduled your visit, take a look at the calendar now. And if you haven’t yet seen news regarding the Preview Center, go behind the scenes with Vikings Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer Steve LaCroix.

Vikings-University to Install Radiant Heat for 2014 Season

The team’s transition process for fans, including those looking for Premium Seating, from Mall of America Field to the University of Minnesota continues. Included in the stadium modifications is the installation of radiant heating units above both the upper and level loges to provide additional game day comfort to those Season Ticket Members sitting in loge boxes. For more information on all of the various Premium Seating options for Vikings games at the University of Minnesota, fans can call J.P. Paul at 952.918.8510 or email And if you aren’t already a Season Ticket Member, sign up for the 2014 wait list.

Super Bowl Preliminary Bid Submitted

On Tuesday, following two months of extensive collaboration, Minnesota’s Super Bowl Bid Committee submitted to the NFL the state’s preliminary bid to host Super Bowl LII in 2018. A culmination of collaborative work by the Minnesota Super Bowl Steering Committee and the state’s corporate and civic leadership, the preliminary bid submission included hundreds of pages covering all aspects of Super Bowl Week – event venue options, transportation and parking, lodging, security procedures, team practice sites and more. Highlights from the bid include the following:

  • More than 180 hotels from throughout the region worked with the committee to secure over 19,000 hotel rooms.
  • 48 different venue options throughout Bloomington, Minneapolis and St. Paul were identified for potential use during Super Bowl Week.
  • Practice sites for the two competing teams were covered in great detail.
  • A letter of support was authored and signed by Governor Mark Dayton and Republican and Democratic legislative leaders.

Members of the Minnesota Super Bowl Bid Committee will meet with NFL staff in New York City later this month to zero in on bid details and respond to the questions in the draft bid documents. Following those meetings, the committee will submit its final bid on May 7, 2014, and just two weeks later, will make an oral presentation to all 32 NFL owners during the NFL Owners Meetings in Atlanta (May 19-21, 2014). The final host selection for the game on February 4, 2018, will take place at that time. Hear the latest regarding the Super Bowl bid from Vikings Vice President of Public Affairs and Stadium Development Lester Bagley.

For future notifications, join the new stadium waiting list.


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